Direct Mail Marketing

We addressed and posted a 1000+ in a morning this week.

We addressed and posted to 1025 business addresses postcards on Monday morning 24 September 2012!

We purchased a new database of approximately 1200 records in August. Neville Matthews designed and uploaded the artwork to Fairprint of Dundee and had 3000 cards printed. We posted to the whole database, with the first run always takes more time to prepare and post than subsequent ones like this one.

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Slow PC Startup

PC Startup slowed by conflicting Tune-UP Programs

I went to a PC yesterday that had previously had a faster startup, this was after installing a Tune-Up program. The Tune-Up program had been removed but the machine was still slower than previously. Restore to prior to installation was not possible having tried two different restore points without success.

The machine had Hitman Pro and AVG Tune Up still installed. Hitman Pro was configured to run a Quick Scan at Startup. This was taking about a minute previously but now was taking up to 15. Having disabled AVG tune up Hitman Pro was then down to about 4 minutes.

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