If you still have any Windows XP machines NOW is the time to upgrade.

Historically I have been fairly relaxed about older versions of Windows operating systems, so long as you had up to date security software. Following this attack, I have changed my mind. Once your operating system becomes obsolete you are running a constant risk someone will find a way to attack your machine.

The current suggestion on where this came from is appalling, it is thought to have originated from the USA Security Centre the NSA. The NSA was hacked and the code released and then, has been picked up by Russians, possibly criminal gangs. The irony being that Russia has been hit pretty hard with the attack

Microsoft knew about the vulnerability and had already issues a patch to protect machines but not if you are running unsupported versions of Windows.

Even though you may not have been hit on Friday, it does not mean the threat is over. Make sure all machines you have if they are current versions are fully up to date with windows patches. Unless you have specifically removed or disabled patches run Windows Update pretty darn quickly.

Backup, backup, backup! For many years I have gone on an on about backup, to this day less than 10% of all my clients have proper backup and even less ever test it.

Backup regularly and have more than one.

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